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Brandywine Assisted Living

By Marix Horland

Brandywine assisted living. We’re Brandywine Assisted Living, and we’ve been providing excellent care for seniors throughout the state of Maryland since 1978. When you sign a loved one up for our services, you can rest assured that they’ll be cared for by trained medical staff to provide.

Brandywine assisted living

– Comfortable living arrangements
– 24-hour security and assistance with daily tasks
– Nursing care when they need it
– Supportive family involvement
– Activities that promote socialization, mental stimulation, and physical activity.

Our skilled staff boasts a combined 150 years of experience and are here to provide your loved one with the best possible care in a clean and comfortable environment.

There’s something inherently attractive about assisted living facilities. They represent a soft landing for the people who’ve lived out their lives, and often wish to remain at home as long as possible. Their low costs and high standards — few assisted living facilities rent apartments — make them popular with retirees who don’t want to move, but who no longer have the physical or emotional strength to take care of themselves.

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In many ways, assisted living can be better than what your parent used to call home. Seniors can now choose from an impressive range of medical services that make them more independent (like being able to run a bath or take medicine on their own) without giving up their rooms, meals, security, locations… and all the other things that make the home so comforting. Like those who’ve passed on, they don’t need to move on. But unlike them, they still get to stay in the place where they feel most comfortable.

Assisted living is for everyone who needs it

Though assisted living facilities have been around for decades, there are still a few common misconceptions about them. Our goal is to clear up some of the myths, and explain why these places can be so helpful to seniors who want to age in place.

While assisted living facilities are well-suited for seniors who need a bit more care than they can get at home, they aren’t for everyone. If your parent is able to drive, cook and clean, and doesn’t have any major health problems an apartment in a senior community might be a good fit. Assisted facilities are sometimes called nursing homes, but they’re very different places.

The most important features of an assisted living facility are the medical services, like on-site nursing care and community housekeeping. Many seniors like to feel they’re still in control of their lives and their surroundings, but that sometimes leads them to be less healthful. “Seniors who don’t need a lot in terms of medical care may find a beautiful assisted living facility with a few services more than adequate,” says Donna Taub, CEO of Brandywine Assisted Living in Frederick, Maryland. “For those who need a little more help, I highly recommend looking into assisted living. But please, don’t think that it’s the right fit for every senior.”
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Assisted living is like a nursing home

You might think that assisted living facilities are really just nursing homes. While both types of facilities provide medical care, assisted living offers far more independence than nursing homes do — and at a much lower cost (which is why so many people want to live there). But assisted living facilities are typically much smaller and more home-like than a typical nursing home, which is why some people choose them for their senior years.

“We view ourselves as the only community for independent living in Frederick County,” says Taub. “Almost all of our residents live independently — they may need some assistance for medication, but they’re not completely dependent on others. Our residents love their rooms and enjoy meeting new people. That’s one of the best things about our facility. Our residents understand that they’re not in a nursing home, and they’re very happy.”

Myth #3: Assisted living is so well-suited for seniors because they get the best care available.

Some people see assisted living as an answer to the last thing they’ll need… which would be medical care. But there are many other options for seniors who want to age in place but don’t need ongoing nursing care.

Is Brandywine a nursing home?

Brandywine is a nursing home. It was founded in 1847 and offers an array of services from skilled nursing to personal care.

Is Brandywine a nursing home? Yes, it is a health care provider that provides skilled medical and rehabilitative care when people need it the most. The company specializes in physical, occupational, speech therapy, and mental health services for patients of all ages.

Brandywine Assisted

Who owns Brandywine Assisted?

Brandywine Assistive Technology, Inc. is a non-profit retail store for the sale of assistive technology products and services. Brandywine Assistive Technology, Inc. is primarily located in Wilmington, Delaware, but also has an office in Lexington Park, Maryland; a warehouse facility in Elkins Park Township Pennsylvania; and an affiliate location in Downingtown Pennsylvania to serve anyone who would like to volunteer time or money to support our cause. Learn more about how you can help Brandywine Assistive Technology

What are the different levels of assisted living?

Retirement and assisted living are two ideas that we’ve come to know well, but what is the difference between the two? And what does assisted living to entail? We’ll cover all of that in this article, including 10 things you need to know about assisted living.

Living in a retirement community or senior housing can often be satisfying for people who want independence. But for some older adults, there’s another option: assisted living.

How is most assisted living care paid for?

Assisted living is often seen as a last resort option for aging adults who are unable to care for themselves. The programs typically offer activities, meals, and some medical assistance. However, many assisted living expenses to remain unpaid. Some of the ways these expenses are covered vary from state to state.

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