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By Marix Horland

Big Bend Hospice is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive care for terminally ill patients in their final days or hours. Big Bend Hospice has been providing this care in the Rio Grande Valley since 1987. Working with their affiliate, Hospice of Methodist Family Care, and other community partners, they provide compassionate end-of-life care for those who are living with complex medical needs such as chronic pain and dementia.

Big Bend Hospice

Working with their affiliate, Hospice of Methodist Family Care, and other community partners, they provide compassionate end-of-life care for those who are living with complex medical needs such as chronic pain and dementia.

The construction of their new facility will be located in the Scharbauer Business Park (formerly known as the Sage Business Park), an 11-acre site at 6001 Scharbauer Blvd. Big Bend Hospice plans to open its doors in early 2018. The new facility will consolidate the two hospices into one location which will include a dedicated memory care unit.

The new facility will also include a chapel which will incorporate both a funeral home and the existing Community Life Coordinator to provide services and support for families. The chapel will allow visitors an opportunity to gather in a place of peace and reflection.

Big Bend hospice grief counseling

Big Bend Hospice contracts with physicians, nurse practitioners, and social workers who specialize in palliative care, pain management, and grief support services. They work with families to help them honor the wishes of their loved ones while providing comfort care.

Treatment is provided at home or in a nursing facility that offers chronic illness or palliative services. Patients are also referred to hospice care services at appropriate locations. Families receive support at the home, in the community, and from Hospice.

Hospice offers a variety of services that leverage social workers, chaplains, and support groups to provide direct assistance to patients and families. The organization works with other community agencies to provide care for patients such as dental care, nutrition services, and transportation planning.

Big Bend Hospice foundation

Big Bend Hospice serves the following counties: Brewster, Cameron, Culberson, El Paso (County and City of El Paso), Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Kinney, Loving, and Presidio.

Hospice offers counseling and educational programs for family caregivers. They provide one-on-one education as well as group sessions for new and experienced caregivers. Seminars include topics such as end-of-life care, pain management techniques, and coping skills that can be used when a loved one is dying.

However, Big Bend Hospice has a support group for children who have lost a family member or are facing their own illness. The Cameron County Children’s Grief Support Group is open to kids ages 9-13.

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Staff and Volunteer

Hospice International is an international nonprofit organization that provides palliative care to patients with advanced, incurable illnesses. Hospice International has been present in the Rio Grande Valley for over twenty-five years through partnering with Big Bend Hospice.

As a result, Hospice International is a non-profit organization supported by donors and volunteers from around the world. Hospice International strives to offer the highest quality of care to patients and families. They work with physicians, nurses, social workers, and volunteers to provide compassionate, highly skilled care.

Therefore, Big Bend Hospice is funded by donations from individuals and organizations who want to support the mission of hospice care in Latin America and beyond. Through funding by The Missions Fund (TMF), they have been able to make a great impact on the local community by making services available at no cost to those in need. TMF is a charitable foundation that supports mission work.

Big Bend Hospice

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Certainly, Hospice International in the Rio Grande Valley partners with Big Bend Hospice to provide hope and help to local people who are coping with advanced illness and loss.

After that, Big Bend Hospice is the only hospice in Texas that holds a Certificate of Recognition for high standards of quality care from the Hospice Foundation of America. This certification signals quality, compassion, expertise, and proficiency in providing care to patients in need at local hospitals, airports, hotels, and other public places.

Big Bend Hospice house

They used to be a local restaurant, but the owners found out about hospice care and decided to sell it as a hospice house. The organization helps the community by providing bereavement training for adults and children, consultation with pastors and clergy, and support in the workplace. They help to raise awareness of grief issues within the community through workshops, presentations, and pamphlets.

The company helped families provide home care through their own means. There is also room for volunteers and paying customers that would like to participate in the activities available at the hospice house.

Big Bend Hospice Crawfordville

It’s not always easy to find a hospice near Crawfordville, especially one with a reputation for the quality care that you deserve. When your health is failing and you’re looking for a place to call home, we want you to know we’re here.

At Big Bend Hospice, we’ve been providing home-based end-of-life care in the Tallahassee area since 2002. We offer both short and long-term stay opportunities within our beautiful home in Crawfordville.

Big Bend Hospice Quincy fl

If you’re looking for information on hospice care in Quincy, FL, you’ve come to the right place! Hospice is a type of medical care that focuses on pain relief and emotional support for patients who are near the end of their lives. Read this blog post to find out more about hospice care and how it can benefit those individuals with terminal illnesses.

On the other hand, Big Bend Hospice also helps to support families through free grief support and educational services, including coping skills classes and group counseling.


The Hospice Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities for those who work in the hospice field. Big Bend Hospice has been a partner with the Hospice Foundation of America for over thirty years. The organization has contributed over $1.4 million to the hospital through the support of hospice and palliative care education.

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