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Als Survival Rate

By Marix Horland

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2. Prognostic factors in ALS: A critical review
Prognostic factors in ALS: A critical reviewThe median survival time from onset to death ranges from 20 to 48 months, but 10–20% of ALS patients have a survival longer than 10 years. Older age and bulbar ...

3. Prognosis of ALS
Prognosis of ALSThe outlook for ALS is poor, with most patients dying of it, typically from respiratory failure. Statistics show that half of those with ALS live at least three ...

5. [Survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]
[Survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]A two-year survival for patients under 49 years was 88% and 57% for those over 49 years old. At the end of a five-year period these figures were 53% and 23%, ...

6. Helping You Understand ALS | The ALS Association
Helping You Understand ALS | The ALS AssociationAlthough the mean survival time with ALS is three to five years, some people live five, 10 or more years. Symptoms can begin in the muscles that control speech ...

9. A clinical tool for predicting survival in ALS | Journal of Neurology ...
For example, if figure 5 suggests a median survival of 12 months from diagnosis for a particular patient, there is a 50% chance that they will survive for ...

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